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We do things a bit differently around here. We don’t pay for a funky, modern loft in the trendiest area of Kelowna. We don’t employ a long list of staff who want to cut out early on Fridays. We’ve rounded up the best marketing brains we could find and hire them as needed.  They work specifically on your business.  This way, we can keep costs low for our clients who want the big Kelowna marketing firm experience without the big Kelowna marketing firm price tag.

Our team consists of graphic designers, web designers, content marketers, professional writers, journalists, photographers, videographers, social media marketers, branding experts, and unique, new marketing concepts to keep up with current trends.

Few Words About the owner Danielle Basler

Years ago, I went from legal assistant to radio salesperson overnight. How the hell did that happen? It’s a long story but I’m happy it happened.  Over the past several years I have been forced (sometimes kicking and screaming) into numerous marketing courses and conferences, webinars and symposiums.

When I was in radio, clients would bring me their newspaper ads for my opinion.  When I was in digital marketing, they would send me their radio ads.  People trust my taste so how was I going to use this and help advertisers?  Build a website, give my opinion on subjects even if you don’t ask for it and, of course, write content for you if you do ask me for it. I’ve been a business owner and an advertising sales rep.

There was always a missing piece in my clients’ marketing plans and I’m pleased to be working in Kelowna Marketing as a Content Marketing and Social Media Management specialist. My passion is to help small businesses get on the right track and build complete marketing plans.  
Content and Social Media Marketing is not a fad and is extremely important in attracting and retaining clients. 

Let’s get social with online marketing using the right branding and start building real relationships with your customers before they even need your services. So when they do – they’ll call you first. 


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