Improve your SEO in Kelowna

Improve your SEO in Kelowna

What You Can Do Today to Improve SEO in Kelowna

As a business owner, you want customers to find you. Are we right? There are several ways to do this. In addition to improving your company website’s SEO in Kelowna, digital advertising options are available using Google Ads or social media ads. Some businesses prefer display advertising on a local news site. A few business owners create printed materials like postcards and use addressed or unaddressed mail. Sometimes we incorporate radio, television, and digital music platforms like Spotify. And yes, as a marketing agency, we still create some newspaper ads for a shortlist of clients.

What is OUR favourite way to get found? It depends! We don’t mean to be wishy-washy, but it really does depend on a goal. However, we always include an on-site SEO plan when strategizing with our clients so it has to be one of our faves.

SEO isn’t going anywhere. It changes! Oooohhh, Google certainly does like to have fun with us! But the basics on how to perform simple SEO tasks should remain relatively consistent for years to come so what we suggest today, should help you in the future.

There are many facets to SEO, but for the purpose of this blog article, we’re going to focus on steps you can do today to level up your on-site SEO and increase your Google rankings with the focus on the most popular mistake we see clients make with their on-site SEO.


First, let’s explain what SEO means for the people who may be new to exploring this marketing option.

On-site SEO (also known as on-page SEO) optimizes elements on a website to improve search engine ranking and visibility. This practice involves content on the actual web page and the HTML source code hidden in the background. Don’t be scared of the word “code”. Anyone can handle this type of coding!


We’re including a downloadable SEO checklist HERE, but we want to expand on just the very first step, so you’re set up on the right path.

The first step? Choosing a keyword and using only that specific keyword on one page (or URL) is the number one problem business owners seem to have when trying to optimize for local rankings.

Determine Which Keyword to Use on Each Page

We were doing some research for a new client yesterday and were searching “Kelowna Plumbers”. What we found actually inspired us to write this blog post today!

We scrolled through the search results. And continued to page 2. And page 3. Ultimately landing on page 4. No one else goes here except us SEO weirdos doing our geeky little experiments.

We found a page for a Kelowna Plumber on page 4. It’s a better-known, not-just-some-guy-with-a-wrench company. Why the heck are they on page 4 for this commonly searched keyword?

Did we mention we’re geeks? We had to take a peek at the website. We should also note, the website was not built by just-some-guy-with-a-laptop-company either. It’s an ‘actual’ Kelowna SEO company!

No, we’re not going to rat anyone out! But, we are going to spread some actual SEO knowledge around.

Okay, we then dive more into the website. A lot was going on. But, for this particular point in the article of using only ONE keyword per page, we will explain what we mean regarding just that – one keyword, one page.

On their homepage, we saw the keywords ‘Kelowna Plumber’, ‘Plumber in Kelowna’, ‘Kelowna Plumbing’, ‘Kelowna Plumbing Service’, and ‘Plumbing Company in Kelowna’.

But what do we mean by this? Of course, those all make sense! That’s what they do. You’d be correct. However, when it comes to Google and how it reads this page, it will focus on one of those phrases, the one you’ve chosen as the target keyword. Now, some may argue, but if all of those phrases are on one page, then Google will pick them all up, ranking the site for each of them. Yes! Depending on the search, the search history of the person searching, their physical location, and more. But that’s just too much for Google to focus on and it will take longer for your site to get a “good” standing in the search results.

Our experience tells us that one keyword per page works better and faster to get your website ranking in search results. Even website platforms like Wix and WordPress are designed for one keyword per page.

What should the Kelowna SEO company have done?

Choose the most searched keyword and use that on the page that will generate the most clicks. This is usually the homepage. If ‘Kelowna Plumber’ gets the most searches per month, then anywhere that ‘Plumber in Kelowna’, ‘Kelowna Plumbing’, and so on was written, we would change all of them to ‘Kelowna Plumber’.

Now that the best keyword is chosen for your page, there are other steps to take. And that’s where our downloadable checklist comes in. Again, there are several other pieces to SEO, such as backlinks, but if your website is optimized with on-site SEO, you have a head start on the competition!

What SEO type stuff did we do to this article?

We chose SEO IN KELOWNA as our target keyword. We’ll wait as you reread this article and notice all of the times we added that into our copy.

Within the first few lines of this article, we used our targeted keyword of SEO IN KELOWNA.

The URL of this page is succinct, clean, and includes the target keyword.

The target keyword is in our H2 and H3 titles or headers that introduce the next section in the article.

This article is more than 750 words, making it ideal for Google to crawl and get a real sense of what we are writing about. Google will then make sure that people searching for SEO in Kelowna find it.

The image used in this article has been saved with a name that includes SEO IN KELOWNA, and we have added the same target keyword as ALT text on the image. The image is also an acceptable file size and won’t slow down our website.

We have added the target keyword into the meta description behind the scenes in our website building platform and made sure that our title that shows up in the search results is captivating and, yes, includes our target keyword.

This content is unique to our website and any other website for that matter. So, Google won’t penalize us for copying someone else’s content or trying to slack off by duplicating our own website’s content.

We have included internal links to some of our other pages, plus we snuck in some outbound links to our Facebook page, Spotify, Wix, and WordPress.

The page is mobile friendly.

We chose to write this article because we wanted to increase our chances of being found for SEO services. Yesterday, we got inspired, so today, we wrote. In a few days, this article will start its journey up the Google rankings. That’s how quickly you can get started on improving your SEO in Kelowna’s market.

Bonus: We used terms relating to Kelowna Plumbers quite a bit. We will likely rank for something to do with plumbing in Kelowna too. And you know what? That’s OK with us! Those keywords get quite a bit of searches per month; we know from our research for that other client. And, if any of those plumbers need improvements regarding SEO in Kelowna’s market, we would be happy to help!

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